Our versatile experience in designing, planning, managing and operating workforce accommodation in rural locations provides us with a wealth of knowledge that we bring to each project.

At Top Hospitality Services, we appreciate the value our team of dedicated professionals brings to each of our customers. We are then able to deliver customized accommodation solutions and turnkey services, enabling our customers to focus on what they do best.

Our Company offers the following services depending on your needs:

  • 24-hour full operations
  • Quick response to any problems on location with tools, equipment and labor
  • Maintenance workshops/programs
  • Security personnel for safety and protection
  • Nonstop power generation for any size project and maintenance with fuel supply
  • Full-service catering for any nationality or cuisine with three full meals a day
  • Packaging for meal parcels for work crews on tight deadlines or long distances from dining facility
  • Daily, bi-weekly, and weekly professional laundry and housekeeping services
  • Wastewater treatment with safe, healthy and regulated results
  • Television systems with local, international and foreign-language channels available
  • Recreation facilities with various fitness, billiards, table tennis, football and theatre equipment
  • First-aid clinics
  • Emergency response planning and teams to respond with manpower, tools and equipment

We can provide almost anything you need for your remote project or workforce camp.

Top Hospitality Services is an expert in the provision of effective, efficient and reliable construction and site equipment for remote projects. Our knowledge and experience has allowed us to establish a network of dedicated suppliers, skilled fabricators and a line-up of reliable and cost effective equipment. We are committed to finding the most economical and reliable solutions to meet your projects needs and your budget. We provide several custom designed remote camp support systems including:

  • Power Generation Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Potable Water Treatment Plants
  • Modified Storage Containers
  • Potable Water Storage Tanks
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Satellite Telephone
  • 4X4 Ambulances and cars
  • Portable Toilets
  • Satellite TV Packages
  • Site Security
  • Site Fencing
  • Lighting Plants

Top Hospitality Services puts forth the time, effort and planning to ensure our high-quality products and excellent customer service improves the quality of life for your workforce and their families. We work with our customers to help boost employee morale and increase employee retention.

Engineering & Design Services

Our engineering and design services range from planning through preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning for all types of projects.

Industry experts for our expertise in leading and executing multidisciplinary projects have consistently ranked Top Hospitality Services high.

We provide these detailed engineering services by delivering intelligent designs and associated documentation. This is achieved through the extensive use of integrated engineering workflows, as well as multi-platform engineering applications for the design and analysis of electrical and fluid elements, networks and civil activities.

  • Process Engineering
  • Planning & Controls Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fluid Engineering
  • Design and Erection
  • Civil work Engineering
  • As Built Drawing and Certification
Civil Works & Site Preparation

Site preparation is generally phased: ground work, civil site works, excavation, foundations, utilities and base cabin construction are all included in the camp development we manage, monitor and track to budgets and schedules.

Installation is carried out by Engineering & Construction Company “ECC” a subsidiary of Top Group created in 2008, in order to develop the Civil Works activities provided initially as one of the Top Oilfield Services range of services.

Erection & Site Installation

The experience gained in major projects has made our operation managers and site coordinators into veritable experts for complex challenges in the fields of project and installation management, construction site and sub-contractor management, HSE, quality assurance and quality controls. The result: processes that are speedy, practical, and which are a perfect fit for the specifications of the project in question.

We consider qualified specialist personnel, reliable logistics, the most modern installation and erection technical and not least a professional project and construction site management, to be essential conditions for our sustainable value creation.

Our site installation and erection teams are fully briefed on all elements of the project, we provide all documentation as standard including method statements, risk assessments and lifting plans.

Our customers appreciate our practically oriented and individual solution approach, a fair price/performance ratio and a flexible handling of possible change requirements. The primary objective for us in all projects is the adherence to the scheduling and cost requirements without neglecting our high quality and safety standards.

Our competence:

  • Construction Site Management and Supervision
  • General construction site management and organization
  • Construction site planning and coordination
  • Supervision of erection and installation work
  • Commissioning, acceptance and performance tests
  • Quality and safety management
Catering Services

High Quality, Nutritious Catering

At Top Hospitality Services, we go way beyond basic provision of accommodation and catering, so that on-site workers remain healthy, at their most productive and feel human. The result is practical, value-based comfort.

We work with our customers by providing fresh food cooked on site daily, balanced menu plans, healthy eating options, event management and experienced, motivated staff, Top Hospitality Services promotes the health and well-being of all occupants.

Top Hospitality Services can provide modular kitchens and food service facilities at a faster and more cost-effective solution than traditional permanent construction methods.

A work culture that encourages service, quality and support creates a clean and friendly living environment for our guests, our extensive catering facilities remove the need for your staff to leave the site and improve productivity in the process.

Security & CCTV Services

THS camp and associated facilities are secured by a range of physical security measures, including static and mobile guard force. This guard force provides a visible deterrence and the manned physical security in this system of protection. The Camp Site consists of a large area, secured by a fencing perimeter fitted with razor wire on the top.

THS Camp provide the following:

  • High security Fence 8 feet high.
  • Fully equipped Badging System and digital ID card system.
  • Control and information of personal in/out.
  • Access Control Central Station with information boards and badge sensor for persons in/out.

The above electronic badging access is a modular and stockable controller especially suited to medium and large residential community. It contain advanced features, where both gates are under controls. Expansion cards for doors are used to increase the capacity of the controller from 2 to 6 doors. THS’s installed badging system can also be connected in network.

THS Access control has a high level of reliability. A container office for security guard forces equipped with CCTV and other security related equipment. Physical security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems that include CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control protocols, and many other techniques.

Furnishings Services

As a supplier of turnkey accommodation solutions, Top Hospitality Services disposition is not limited to the design, fabrication, and delivery of accommodation units or other facilities only.

The company can take care of the complete furnishing of the accommodation units in camps, all units can be supplied fully fitted and furnished, providing cupboards, sofas, lockers, furnishings, beds, tables, lamps, etc.

From appliances, cooking and dining areas, to air conditioning, fire protection, security bars, gates and CCTV systems. All associated furniture/services required for your prefabricated units including but not limited to gym machines, games equipment, telecommunications and satellite TV, water, waste water and waste management can be provided and managed by Top Hospitality Services.

At Top Hospitality Services we don’t stop at the desk and chairs our services will including soft packs (towels, sheets, blankets and other linen), stationary and kitchen utensils. Our target is to service your needs so that Top Hospitality Services. Will be your turnkey service partner, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

Laundry Services

Top Hospitality Services provides industrial laundry services to its customers by providing the finest washing and pressing of clothes.

Every small stain, every tiny imperfection will be noted for you and great care given to assure that your clothing gets the kind of attention to detail that you would give it yourself.

Camps come to rely on our prompt service, to help relieve their employees of such unnecessary stress. Top Hospitality Services employs a most dedicated and efficient staff, in order to provide quality handling and processing of your laundry. Our staff exhibits supreme care and precaution to protect your laundry from damage or loss.