Company Policies

Top Hospitality Services is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of its operations. THS recognizes and accepts the mandate to conduct its activities in a responsible manner and will provide a system of work that protects the health and safety of its own employees, visitors, sub-contractors and the public and at the same time minimizes the impact of its activities on the environment. We also recognize that all injuries are preventable.

Respect for the quality of our products, industrial hygiene, the health of our employees are imperatives. Line managers play a key role in communication, implementation and compliance with QHSE policies and standards.
The accountability for achieving these objectives is vested in the level of the Chief Executive Officer. To achieve excellence in our business and work environment, the commitment and co-operation of all management, staff, sub-contractors and visitors is essential.

We recognize the fact that good health, safety and environment (“HSE”) management has positive benefits to the organization and that commitment to a high level of HSE performance makes good business sense. It also recognizes that HSE management is an essential function, and must therefore continually improve, update and adapt to changes.

Our Policies