Maintenance & Housekeeping

We understand the variety of systems and services needed to run a labor camp / hosting to support a major project in a remote destination. Ensuring the proper functioning of the camp is essential to team productivity and project success.

Our on-site maintenance personnel are available to ensure that facilities, support equipment and systems are maintained in good working order and that damaged repairs or equipment are completed as quickly as possible. Repair of appliances and equipment for plumbing and power outages, through service and technical maintenance of generators and equipment of the kitchen and laundry room, our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to manage these types of repair.

Maintenance team are also responsible for monitoring fuel levels, waste management procedures, safety issues, water sampling and preventative maintenance of facilities.

We aim to maintain positive morale and sense of community in our camps through our quality services, health and safety standards, recreational activities and nutritional advice.

The Top Hospitality Services staff is proud of the camp facilities, its customers comfort and cleanliness. A clean camp is just one of the ways in which Top Hospitality Services demonstrates to customers that we care about the health, comfort and safety of their crews. Our camp services include a full housekeeping and cleaning program in all of our catering camps. Daily schedules, cleaning procedures and sanitation programs are in place to ensure that the entire camp is clean and safe for all occupants.