Accommodation Solution

Whatever the size or location, we can help you to design, install and operate the most suitable modular workforce camp for your project.

Our design team will work dedicated to create the right size and configuration of camp that best meets the needs of the project. Some variables such as length of term, location, climate and even type of project will often dictate the type of camp or equipment we use for your project.

Although the size, execution plan layout and configuration of each camp may differ, they typically all consist of the following components:  room accommodation, kitchen and restaurant, laundry, recreation hall, TV room, office room, storage units and various other features and services.

Standard cabin/modular unit configurations are :

  • Accommodation single units
  • Accommodation double units
  • Accommodation quadruple units
  • Laundry units
  • Kitchen units
  • Restaurant and canteen units
  • Refectory units
  • Sanitary units
  • WC and shower units
  • Administrative units
  • Office and meeting units
  • Recreation units
  • TV units
  • Laboratory units
  • Clinical units
  • Training center units
  • Mosque units
  • Storage units
Management & VIP Unit

Our VIP accommodation cabins are available in different sizes, are designed to house management staff, providing comfortable accommodations and facilities. We offer and support a robust VIP accommodation room with a desk, lounge and a shower cabin. We can provide safe, clean and temperature controlled housing. Beds with mattress and bedside table, cots, linens and laundry services are provided in concurrence with customer specifications. Ensuring safety, electrical, lighting, and fire detection and protection units are installed to the highest industry accepted standards.

In addition to the full-sized fitted fridge, microwave, wardrobe, cupboard and open shelving, the VIP accommodation cabin comes with a range of other desirable amenities. Each unit furnishes with reading lights above the beds, as well as LED ceiling lights throughout and access for a TV aerial with TV LED 32°.

Moreover, the bookcase wall shelving offers additional storage space and a desk with chair, a mini-living room with recesses are all for extra comfort
In the bathroom, you will find a powerful shower with cabin, flushing toilet, large sink and a towel rail to make sure residents can get washed and remain fresh throughout the day in total comfort

Accommodation single units

This compact unit is a great option for companies or organizations who want to be able to sleep two employees or guests in one portable accommodation unit.

The single cabin dressed with wood parquet is separate on two compartment; each room is equipped with a full-size single bed with mattress and the necessary bedding, one small desk table with chair, one TV Set and one Fridge.

The furniture is custom made to allow space for access to the attached bathroom, which includes flush toilets, a large sink, a heated towel rail and a powerful shower enclosure.

Clothes and other items can be stored in the room’s open areas, as well as on locker that is provided in each room.

Accommodation double units

The double cabins are manufactured in a factory environment and installed in most cases, in one day. They can be provided wherever facilities are needed, and can be stacked and connected

Our spacious en suite cabin is available with two separate bedrooms. The rooms are equipped with windows, doors and interior and exterior finishes, including: floor coverings. Each room is equipped with two single beds, workspace, heating, lighting, air conditioning, toilet and shower / WC.

Accommodation quadruple units

Top Hospitality Services provides cost effective accommodation for companies operating large crews. The quadruple Accommodation units are an economical solution to fit your requirements. Top Hospitality Services has a suitable solution.

This is also by laying two bunk beds to accommodate 4 people in one room, the economic room of this type of cabins is composed other than the beds of a large cabinets for storage and a toilet/shower to relax employees

Sanitary & Shower units

Our sanitary cabin is a perfect solution, providing somewhere clean, warm and tidy to do your business.

The sanitary cabin, also known as a Toilet Block because of its layout, has three toilets and three urinals on one side and a three sinks on the other, large mirrors and a paper towel dispenser

Toilets feature soft close seats and dual flush buttons, while the waterless urinals reduce the odors that can occur from use.

The external appearance of the Toilet Block matches our other units to ensure a smart, uniform appearance across your site.

Additionally, quality shower facilities are vital for Top Hospitality Services; especially for the workers that involve spending time in fields.
Our multi-cubicle shower units all come equipped with full washroom facilities, Hot water is provided.

Where mains sewerage is not available, we can supply wastewater tanks. Servicing and waste removal can be provided dependent on the levels of attendance and type of facilities.

Laundry Buildings

The Top Hospitality Services laundry module contains high capacity machines, which are ideal for the heavy usage expected in camps. The washer/dryer laundry machines use single-phase electrics and are self-heating, so not external hot water is required.

We are fully equipped with the newest and best machines in the industry to provide that extra care that will be required by the different fabrics and textures of your clothing.

Recreation Buildings

While working in remote locations devoid of any activities for entertainment, Top Hospitality Services provides your workforce with the facilities and amenities to have comfort and well-being.

Tailored to meet the constraints on space, our recreational facilities can provide variant options for your staff to keep them relaxed during the tough times.

Gym room, Games room, TV room, basketball court, football court or tennis court, Top Hospitality Services provide a wide range of customized options for recreational activities anywhere you are located.

Modular offices Buildings

Workers perform more efficiently in comfortable and secure surroundings. However, with space and location constraints, businesses of all sizes have a lot of work to do to provide an optimal workplace. The Top Hospitality Services system helps workers to flourish in excellent conditions.

Our modular project offices and office cabins can be installed, connected and stacked according to specific requirements, while accommodating the most sensitive sites. Internally, the choice of layout, furniture, fixtures and fittings is virtually limitless and can be adapted for short-term or long-term use.

When your business interruption plan requires a quick, secure and efficient solution that maximizes morale and productivity, Top Hospitality Services keeps your operations on a level playing field.

Modular kitchens & Dining Buildings

The Catering Facility is a highly important part of THS camp. The kitchen and restaurant facilities reflect the high standard we set.

THS kitchens is organized into work sections, and each work section is composed of work centers where certain tasks are performed. Layout and equipment placement are determined by the duties of each section and which appliances are needed to perform the tasks.

THS kitchen design allow for flexibility in case the menu or concept changes. Food preparation flow patterns, storage areas, and dish rooms are designed as per HACCP requirement. An important part of creating the best fine dining restaurant design is calculating the seating capacity. The THS new restaurant may feed 300 guests at any given time in a day.

Drill / Rig Camps Buildings

At remote drilling/offshore rig sites, the comfort and functionality of your office or operations center can make all the difference.

We have extensive experience in the design and supply modular cabins as well as building new accommodation areas for drilling camps/offshore living quarters. Our solutions are designed to meet the suitable need of each customer they may include any necessary structural and technical modifications or be limited to internal modifications.

This allows us to create full solutions for our clients and the people using our units.